Hi Chuck and Heather,
 Koda got her 12 week shots and check up on January 23rd.She weighed in at 21.2lbs and is doing well.On Wed.the 25th, we started obedience classes with Ambush Kennels here in town.We have here sitting and staying very well,and now we just tell her to kennel and she goes in and lays down.In the class we are teaching her to heel.She also retrieves very well.We just received her registraiton papers today.Her full name is Koda's Praire Waterfowl Magic.Here are a couple of pics of her. Thanks again, Mike B. 
Hi Chuck & Heather, 
Just to let you know….we love our new puppy, we have named her Meredith and she is a joy to have around.  Our other Chocolate Lab, Mac, loves her too! Attached is a picture of the two of them playing in there "yard".
David M. & Lauren P. 
DeLeon Springs, FL 

 Hey, this is Robert Duffy in NC, I bought one of your
> puppies, and I must say she is beautiful and we love
> her.   
> Ps............We love are puppy, she is the best thing
> that has happened to us this year

> Sincerely Happy pet owner

Hey just wanted to let you know "Hunter" our lab we bought from you back in July is doing great!  He is calm, lovable and pretty well behaved for a 9m old lab.  He is a gentle giant, except for when he's moving and you don't get out of his way then he's like a freight train.  He's a 100lb er at this point.  .
Jennifer V.
We are more then happy with our purchase through Adventure Bound Gundog Kennels.  Our puppy has done nothing but impressed us every day.  He was born January 7th 2006 and is already retrieving and knows hand commands.  Panzer has show signs of being a great loyal hunter and life time companion. He is very kid friendly (which is important to us with five young children)!  He is very smart and a very handsome puppy.  We have only gotten high compliments from family, friends and strangers.  I would tell you to look no farther then Adventure Bound Gundog Kennels.  They were there from beginning to end with our purchase.  Heather answered all of our questions and handled all of our needs with confidence and pride.  I really feel that you are getting more then your moneys worth from Adventure Bound Gundog Kennels.  If you would like us to send you pictures we would be more then happy to show off our Panzer. 
 Eric and Tamara R, MN.

In Decemeber we purchased a female chocolate lab from one of your litters.  
We just wanted to send you a photo and let you know how happy we are with 
her.  She is a WONDERFUL dog with such a pleaseant temper and demenour.  She 
is very well behaved and is learning so fast... she can sit, lay, roll over, 
give high five, shake and more.  People comment on a regular basis about the 
beauty of both her coat and of her build.  We have referred you all many 
times to different people praising how great our dog is and how pleaseant 
our interactions were with you when deciding on buying her.  Thanks again 
for all of your help in getting her to us.  You can also expect us to email 
you in the future when we look to get another lab to be Duncan's buddy.  
Thanks again.

Hillary and Ty.

We just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how please we are with our Fox Red Lab puppy, Hudson! She is incrediably smart and friendly. She had no problem adjusting to us or her new home in sunny Southern California. She enjoys long walks on the beach and sunning herself on our deck! You would have never guessed she was from North Dakota! It is impossible to take her out for walks or to the dog park without people stopping us to pet her and comment on what a beautiful dog she is. People are always surprised to hear that she is a pure bread labrador because of her unusual color and distinct build. She loves playing with my Dad's two Labradors along with other dogs at the dog park! She has such a fun, energetic personality and she has definiely become a member of the family. We love that she feels comfortable with complete strangers and has made us feel at ease in the event that we have to board her when we go out of town. Thanks again for your help and making the process of getting our Huddy all the way from the midwest here seem easy! I have attached a few pictures of her for you to see how big she has gotten! She is already over 30 lbs at just 15 weeks! Thanks again and we have recommended your kennel to many people. 
Paige & Sean
Hi, don't know if you'd recognize Connor anymore but here he is.  He is one of the boys from Jaxson and Rosie.  Connor "Sir Killians Red" is now just over 5 months old and he is doing great!  He is just under 50 pounds and growing very rapidly!  He's already taking a liking to the birds and is not one ounce of gun shy.  He is a very spirited pup and he aced obedience school.  Still has the minor potty mistakes indoors but has done very good with it.  Just like Jaxson, he LOVES to have his belly rubbed any chance he can get.  He terrorizes our two cats but Pookie here (13 years old) puts up with him now because he's bigger. 
Thought I would just drop you a note and a few pictures.  We are very happy with Connor.  If we could only get people away from thinking he is a Golden Retriever!
Robert G. 
Albert Lea Minnesota

Hi Heather this is vance from Idaho I am sending you a picture of Moose he was twelve weeks old in this picture.I just wanted to say how happy I am with him, he is doing great with his obediance and reteving is fantastic. I was throwing his bumper for him next to a grain field and decided to throw it into the field were there was about 18" of cover he went in and had no problem finding it and when he does he shows no signs of quitting.
Thanks again, Vance

"Harley" came to us in December 2006 as an adorable pup and has now developed into a 75lb small pony. :) ha. She loves the water, Jeep rides, and, of course, to run in our woods. She's doing great and we love every minute of her company. Thanks again. 

  Alissa J and Steve H
    Bunker Hill, WV 

Heather, "Abby" our recent purchase from you got rave reviews at the vet's office. He said he has not seen a hunting dog pup of this quality, around here, in years. Thanks, Karl & Nancy G.
Dardenne Praire, MO. 
Parents: Jake, and Browning
My name is Staci K. and we bought a  lab puppy
from you in February2007.  I just wanted to let you know
how well he is doing.  We have named him Henry.  He is
7 mo. old now and already 78 pounds!  
Our vet, who knows us well because we have five pets,
always laughs when we bring Henry in- he is so big!
I take him on hikes in the morning.  I feel so safe 
with him at my side.  If I feel afraid- he starts
barking and looks ferocious.  This always makes me
giggle, for he is the biggest softy ever.  Then we
head down to a great dog park near our home.  He has
several friends there who all meet in the morning. 
There are 5 labs and he is the biggest and the
youngest!  He loves to play.  Then we head home and he
goes for a swim in the pool.  He loves the pool.  
Sometimes if my husband and I take him on a long hike,
he will sit on a low step for thirty minutes just to
cool off.  
We are a homeschool family so Henry stays with us
almost all of the time.  He loves going in the car. 
When I have to drop the kids off at art classes or
gymnastics or tennis- he goes with me.  
He started formal training four weeks ago.  He is
doing so well.  He is just so smart, and eager to
please.  The trainer will do something with Henry, and
Henry will half way do it, then when I try it with
him- he does it perfectly. The trainer teases me about
how much Henry loves me and wants to please me. 
 His love for the whole family has been unfailing.  We
all love him so much we can't imagine our family with
out him!  Thank you so much.  Now if we can only
convince him that he can't fit into our laps-LOL
Thanks again,
Staci K.

Hi Heather & Family!!!
Here are some new pics of Vegas. He is doing wonderful! He is 90 lbs now and just a joy to have. I have referred you as a breeder numerous times since receiving Vegas. They say he is such a beautiful example of the breed and I agree. 
Thank you again for the wonderful job you do with your dogs. When we decide to add another addition to our family we will look to you for sure.
Christina & Robert G.
Parents Sadie and Steel
Thank you much for speaking with us regarding the new baby girl #5. We REALLY wanted her- especially me...but I wonder if two GSP's in our apartment is a good idea.

Attached are several pictures of Karl. Please post them on your website. I have to tell you that we love him. I never thought a dog could change our lives so much. He is very handsome and not a day goes by that we don't get a compliment. You guys really have exceptional dogs. We will continue to look for the next batch. I have Karl's sisters name picked out, so...let's see.

Much thanks.
Lia A- FL.

Hey There Heather, Chuck and family:
I attached a few pics of Gauge, he is getting so big. He is mostly Paws which is great, he has a wonderful playful spirit about him, loves to be around people, and most of all is great with kids! Guage is going to be a pretty big guy... Also you will see in the pics that he is a huge cuddler. The picture with him sleeping on Matts chest is the first night he was with us, he had to be right on top. He is so precious. Sleeping with us was the first rule that Matt made, and it was also the first rule he broke:) Now there is no room in our bed for Gauge... Although he is  a wonderful cuddler... 
 Gauge is retrieving, sitting and staying, and still loves to chew on things.... He is completley potting trained and enjoys the water, the ice went off the lake FINALLY about two weeks ago, he was right up in the cold water... Crazy dog! We also have been introducing him to Pheasant wings, he does great! We are so greatful that we found you guys, you definetly have a terrific breed of dogs... Gauge is a fantastic edition to our family.

 just wanted to send you some pictures of Dex, these were taken just a week ago. He is getting so big and he is just so smart, we adore him.  I'm so glad to have him for my first dog!!!  Everywhere we go, people stop us to say how handsome he is. Never having a dog before, it's such a nice thing to hear. We are proud parents :) 

Hello,Chuck and Heather
I got first pick male out of Ruger and Browning this spring. Toby is a pointing machine. I’m working with the local NAVHDA club, and we are steadying him on chukkars and he’s doing great. I have been told by many of the experienced handlers that he is going to be awesome. At 11 weeks old I had him at a gun dog seminar, the pro trainer that was putting it on used Toby for several of his demonstrations. Toby walked up onto a training table like he had done it a million times. He stood with his tail straight up, and loved it. He is not afraid of anything. I’m extremely happy with this breeding, and becoming a big fan of the Hillhaven Hustler bloodline. Bill R.

Hey All. 
Ruby it really doing well.  I believe that I have a lot to learn from her nose.  I want to do go one way she wants to go another.....she is usually right!  I had a great opening day, we also went out on Monday  Both days we got our limit.  
Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Hello Chuck and Heather,  
If you dont remember me, my name is Chris and you brought a silver lab pup to me up in Minot of 08. 
Rocky, (Steel & Sterling) is now 7 months and one heck of a dog. He's is 75 lbs and growing. He has a personality like I have never seen before in a dog. Its almost like he is a comedian at times. I will try and get a better pic of him this weekend. Ive looked at his parents on your site, he looks a lot like his dad the way he stands out in the sunlight. He is a damn good looking dog and I have recieved many compliments on him. The yellow is my other dog I got in Williston from my uncles batch. They are 3 days apart, she weighs about 45.
The young pics are about a week after you dropped him off. The rest are from their first hunt this last Mon-Wed. They did pretty good for as young as they are and being out the first time. The other day he stuck his head down into the bottom of the garbage can and pulled out an empty bottle of Jack Daniels.  

Dear Heather & Chuck,
          Hope all if well with you and your family…seems like the holiday season just snuck up on us. We have been busy, but all is well. I am writing to give you an update on Roxie…. Where to begin………..she is just soooo loveable and obedient, I think sometimes we think she is our “baby”, and she knows it. She is growing well, and loves to be with Sabbath (our male lab). Seems like they are almost inseparable, at times. Here are some pics of her. She went to the vet last month for a check-up and weighed 35 lbs. Yep, she is a big girl…we will take her next week, she goes in every month for the preventative multi-dose for the heartworms, etc.  Everyone at the vets office just loves our roxie…She has learned to give us her paw when greeting, and also plays peek-a-boo….
Today she totally surprised us…we went outside as she was barking, and in her little mouth she was carrying a dove, feathers and all… she was just parading around the yard, like look @ me, look what I can do… soooo cute. When frank tried to get the dove out of her mouth, she just ran the other way, with her dove.
I hope your family has a wonderful holiday season, I hope you enjoy the pics…Loucy G.
I just wanted to write and tell you that I could not be more satisfied with the lab that I bought from you a couple of years ago. A product of "Cassy" and "Steel," she is, without a doubt, the best dog I have ever owned. I can not tell you how many random people have come up to me and complimented her on how beautiful she is. Not only that, but seemingly endless requests are made that if I were to breed her, that I would make sure he/she get a puppy. I would recommend you all to anyone and everyone that would be in the market for a great Lab. Best money I ever spent. I would have to agree that, owning one of your labs is living proof of the statement "dogs aren't my whole life, but they make my life whole." Thanks again. Attached are a couple pictures of our "Maybry."
Russell C.
Chuck & Heather:
Bella is doing well..almost 4 months now.  Learning skills everyday and just fun to be around.  This is a beautiful dog with a great personality...I can't tell you how many people compliment us on her so you should be proud.  She weighs 27 lbs as of yesterday.
Hope you survived the winter flooding...we have just the opposite here in South Texas.  Thanks again for being great breeders and super service, you are a class act believe me...I've given your names and website to people who have asked so hopefully you'll be sending more puppies this way.
Keep in touch and if you ever need any references please let me know.

Doug H.      Texas
Hi Heather and Chuck,
I just wanted to let yall know that my husband and I are so pleased with our 
beautiful puppy.  She is such a love and has had no problem adjusting to her 
new life here in HOT Houston, Texas.  We took her to the vet on Tuesday and 
got an excellent report.  Our vet says she is in great health.  Of course, 
everyone there went on and on about how beautiful and sweet she is.  We 
couldn't be happier with her.  We named her Bella Rouge (meaning beautiful 
I would also like to express how grateful we were that you took the time to 
drive Bella all the way here from North Dakota, when flying her wasn't 
possible.  Talk about great customer service!!!  People's mouths just drop 
when we tell them that.  Your kennel will always be highly recommended by my 
family.  Thanks for everything!
Kelly and Bo P. Texas
P.S  I'll be sure to send some pictures of Bella Rouge in the future when 
she gets a little bigger....she will no doubt be a beauty! 

Hi Heather,  
My name is Paige Brown and we bought Charlee (Blockys) from you almost exactly a year ago.  Her parents were Gauge and Cassie.   I found you guys on the internet.  We live in Georgia.   
Just thought I would send you a fun picture of her. 
I also want to say thank you!  She has been such an awesome dog!  We had a little help from trainers in the beginning and they couldn't believe how smart she is!  She has really been a great dog.  She loves the water as you can see.  She dives for rocks in the lake (:  She will put her head under the water to dig the rock out.   Twice she has gone completely under (:  Then she comes up, deposits it on the shore and goes back for another.   She is great with the kids too!  Our whole family is completely in love with her.  She has a very calm disposition, especially for a lab.  She has ended up around 65 pounds which is smaller than I thought but the perfect size for us as she is in the house with the family.  She also gets along great with our Shih Tzu and other dogs.   They have fun wrestling which is always fun to watch.  
I know you all pride yourselves on your breeding and I just wanted to let you know that you did a fabulous job!  Thanks again!  
We will definitely steer our friends your way when looking for a puppy! 
Paige & Bill B and family 

We have had Kenzie for 8 1/2 months now, she is 10 1/2 month old, and we couldn't be happier. She is so smart, the easiest dog we have ever trained. She has such a great character, and loves the water. I thought you might like a picture to see what a great dog you bred. She was a pup from Blessings and Buddy.
Thank you-
Pam C. 
Chuck and Heather,
Just thought I would give you guys an update on how Belle is doing so far this hunting season.  We got her on valentines day  of 09  and her parents are buddy and pheasy.  she is 48 pounds now and almost 10 months old.  I trained her for upland game all spring and summer and she did quite well I thought but with the low numbers of pheasants this year and the scared grouse around we have been hunting waterfowl a lot more this year.  She has gotten 4 ducks, 1 goose, and 1 sharptail this year so far , which is everything I have hit so far this year.  She does not give up even when i think it is a lost cause she amazes everyday with how smart and determined she is, I am very proud of her and couldn't have asked for a better dog and partner in the field or water. Hopefully we will get out a lot more this year and get a lot more birds also.  If you have gotten any updates on her siblings I would like to hear how they have been doing and how big they are
 also.  Thank you again and take care.
Matt B.

Hi Heather and Charles, 
We bought Murphy from you in May of this year 09.  He's a big boy, he's just turned seven months and weighs about 75 pounds.  He's healthy, playful, and has a TON of energy.  He loves playing with all the dogs in the neighborhood.  People stop us almost every day, commenting on his size and his beautiful coat.  I am including a picture of Murphy on his six month birthday, based on the size of his paws, he’s still got some growing to do.
Thank you,
Christine and Dave
Jersey City, NJ

 not sure if u remember me, but i bought a choc lab puppy from u about a yr and a half ago 08. u flew it to denver colo. well i just wanted to let u know this is a great dog! i think it has became more of a family pet than hunting dog but thats ok my grandson loves this dog to death! and she is very protective of him he is now 4 
 well just wanted to say thx for a great dog and i have attached a few pics!
Thx again 
Walter  B
Kimball, Ne 

Chuck and Heather,
Wanted to give an update on Sage. We love her to death, she is such a
joy for us and doing great on commands. She had her first day in the
field finding live birds last week and 6 1/2 months. She found all
five that I put out for her which really impressed me as this was the
first day she had every been close to a live bird. It was so much fun
to watch her work as it was the most fun I have seen her have.
Attached are a few picks. She is at 47 pounds right now. We get
compliments on her looks all the time. Thank you so much for putting out quality dogs.
Derrick and Shannon B. Colorado
Shiloh, my two year old lab (Maggie and Buddy's pup) is more than I  
could ever ask for.  He gets so many compliments on how handsome he  
is...but his gentle personality, love of "adventure" ,playfullness,  
unconditional love and loyalty is what really makes him such a great  
dog. I tell everyone about you whenever someone is looking for a lab  
because I am so pleased with mine.  He's a big boy a healthy 92 lbs of  
muscle!  He loves the water, and is definitely a retriever...he'll  
bring you back anything you tell him to.  Thank you all so very much  
for him, I will always be grateful!  Here he is Christmas '09.

We bought our Fox Red Lab, Scout, just about four years ago (06).  We couldn't have asked for a better animal.  He loves hunting with Dan and is so good with our daughter Laura, who is Autistic.  He is a member of our family. 

Dear Adventure Bound,
I wanted to give you an update on dog number four, whose new name is Ralph. Ralph is adjusting well to his new home. He's very energetic and has been enjoying going to the park and going for walks on trails. Needless to say, every time we go on our walks he is stopped (and usually picked up) by someone exclaiming, "he's so cute! He looks like the Cottonelle dog! Very few people have actually seen, or heard of, a fox-red lab! He just had his first vet visit last friday and weighs 15, almost 16 pounds. I've attached a few pictures of him.
Thanks so much,


Chuck and Heather,
These pictures are of Charlie on his 1st birthday.  He weighs 98 lbs! He loves to swim and is terrific at it. He has a great personality, very sweet and extremely loving.  He walks with us almost every night and although we live in a neighborhood he doesn’t need a lead. He just stays right with us. He is an AWESOME pet. Thank you so much, Stephanie

Hi Heather~ 
It was great bumping into you at the baseball game in Enderlin on Saturday. Wrigley (named after Wrigley Field because we are die hard Chicago Cubs fans) has been a great blessing to our family! It has been 14 years since we had our first dog, and I was leary about getting another one. Wrigley has brought so much joy to our family. My autistic son, Michael, loves to be around her and helps us take care of her. Stephen is her "boy". She rides with us every day to take him to school, and she cries when he gets out. She will sleep on his bed throughout the day and look out his window (I assume she's waiting for him). Everyone who comes in contact with her, loves her. She has a great personality, and loves to be with people and other dogs. She has truly been a blessing to our family!
I looked at her papers, and her mom was Katie, and her dad was Lucky. 
Thanks again for everything~ 
Sue H.
Here are a couple of pictures of our hunting dog Sadie we bought from you in May 2009. She is a very smart dog and she's full of energy. We have had her out waterfowl hunting every time we've been out this year and she's been great at retrieving! You can tell Sadie has hunting in her blood!
 Thanks for the great dog!

Dear Heather,  
Just letting you know that Chief is doing excellent. He is such a joy to have around and so very gentle and smart. Blake will be leaving for the Marine Corps in August and Lakyn is so thankful for Chief to love and keep her company while he goes away. He is so healthy and strong. We have come to love him very much.
                 Sherri Y
Pride All Star Cheer & Tumbling LLC
Hi Chuck & Heather -  
My husband Nick found you on the internet back in March 2009 and fell in love with a female puppy born on December 26, 2008 to Cassie and Gauge.  Chuck delivered her all the way to Pennsylvania where she saw grass for the first time.  Harley is now 70 pounds and the love of our life.  
Thank you!
Jill  L 
PS - Attached are pictures of Harley both at work on the golf course and relaxing at home
Cannot thank you enough for these gorgeous pups...Kelly,the red one, is growing by the hour..she's very long and tall and very laid back..Abby the choc,is very inquisitive and just plops down on her belly with a loud thump..they are learning their manners well..crate trained very well right away,collar with leash is going well..they sit when told and are doing well with Down command..after only 2 weeks!  They are pure joy..thank you again..
.Robin and Dave R ,Ma

Dear Adventure Bound Kennels, 
     Just thought we would let you know that at 1 1/2 yrs. old, Lucy is still doing wonderfully.  Of course, we think she is the cutest and smartest dog in the neighborhood.  She is very mellow and very healthy (our vet says her teeth are "incredible").  She is so mellow that she only barks on command - she does not bark at the doorbell or at people at all, but she will alert us if someone comes up to the house! 
     She LOVES her family and we love her.  She keeps us entertained!  She is pictured in one of the the attached pictures with her best friend Guiness. 
     Thank you for letting us have her... 
Rod and Jackie L 

Can't thank you enough for my new best friend, dexter, he is flame throwers  son and he has proven to be an awesome pointing hunter, can't wait to get a title on him.  Thanks again, bob M  jamestown, ny

Hey Chuck and Heather, 
It's Kasey from Louisiana. I spoke to Mr. Chuck today and he wanted to send some pics of Cameaux. He just made a year old last month and he is doing phenomenal. I am going to run him in some trials and see if he can pass the grand. He truly is amazing and I am so grateful y'all brought this little guy into my life. He is my very best friend and could not be happier with this little guy. I also sent y'all a guy today, J Brown that is getting a red male from you guys. I will continue to send y'all more and will keep you up to date on Cameauxs progress. Attached are some awesome pics. Thanks for everything guys and God bless y'all.-thanks 
Kasey B. LA.